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Feb 27, 2017

The idea for this episode came to mind while I was listening to the Mad Mamluks - shoutout to Mahim, SIM, Sheikh Amir, and Mort.

A few weeks ago they had a psychologist on a few weeks ago, who is a relationship consultant.

The topic of dead bedrooms came up.

It was a good discussion and there was some good...

Feb 21, 2017

My Short-lived Career as a Preacher

A few years ago I had a brief stint as a Jumuah Khateeb (someone who delivers the sermon at Friday Mass.)

I took it very seriously – I wrote all of my sermons myself – and was well received.

Ideally, the Friday sermon should be very inspiring and an immediate boost to the faith of...

Feb 17, 2017

This week's podcast is actually a week overdue.

I was supposed to release it with last week's post, "American Muslims in 2017: will the Schizophrenia Continue?"

If you want to read the entire article (you should,) here's the link:

Today I answer questions about me...

Feb 2, 2017

In today's episode...

I fly solo for the first time and tell you how Bruce Lee's philosophy helped me manifest my Islam more honestly and authentically. 

When it comes to self-improvement in our time Bruce Lee is the most famous example and most likely the gold standard, even though he died over 40 years ago.

He is...