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Sep 7, 2017

My guest this episode is Ali Abdul Razaq Akbar. He's a political consultant and digital media strategist for the Republican party.

He joins me to talk about the origins of the Alt-Right and the New Right, and the differences between the two. We also talk about a bunch of related topics ranging from Donald Trump to postmodernism, to 4Chan. 

Highlights from the Show

  • [00:25] What is the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect and why it is screwing up the way we Muslims understand reality?
  • [04:10] How does someone with a name like Ali Abdul Razaq Akbar end up a) a Southern Baptist Christian and b) a Republican political consultant?
  • [06:25] What is Ali's pedigree and credibility in the Republican party and how did he become a VIP with a massive network?
  • [10:02] What is the true story of the founding of the Tea Party movement and what did Ali have to do with it?
  • [13:36] How Ali went from actively opposing Donald Trump's entry into Republican politics in 2011, to meeting and hanging out with him in 2014, to not supporting him in the 2016 Republican primaries, to finally becoming a Trump supporter
  • [21:48] Why Ali thinks Feminism and other postmodernist movements are a greater threat to America than terrorism
  • [23:00] Ali and I take a deep dive into the origins of the Alt-Right...Where did it come from? Who coined the term? What is its ideological or political make-up?
  • [25:30] Who are the major Alt-Right public figures?
  • [28:35] How are Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan etc. connected to the Alt-Right?
  • Why do Neo-Nazis, KKK, and White Supremacists in the Alt-Right reject Donald Trump?
  • [35:00] Why do the Alt-Right have a love-hate relationship with Jews and Muslims?
  • [37:06] Who are the "New Right"? Are they an off-shoot of the Alt-Right or are they something completely different?
  • [43:10] Why did some New Right figures associate with the Alt-Right before distancing themselves from the group?
  • [49:15] Branding is everything...the media is everything...why no one cares if the Alt-Right really are Neo-Nazis
  • [53:10] If reality is a social construct, whoever controls the media controls reality
  • [55:45] Who are the major New Right public figures?
  • [59:05] Why are foreigners (non-Americans) like Milo Yiannopolous, Paul Joseph Watson, Stefan Molyneux, and Lauren Southern so influential in the New Right and Alt-Right?
  • [1:03:50] Ali and I break down the meaning and significance of memes, memetic warfare, and meme magic
  • [1:07:30] Was Hillary Clinton really sick or did Trump supporters give her the Evil Eye? 
  • [1:10:10] Where does /pol/ (4chan) fit into all of this?
  • [1:15:00] The grand social experiment being conducted by /pol/
  • [1:15:53] Why Ali and I are agents of controlled chaos, and how we operate as interdimensional travelers on the internet.
  • [1:18:46] Why are living in the era of "based" thinking - the great mistake of believing Nationalism is spreading around the world
  • [1:20:45] Where can you find Ali online?

You can find complete show notes here: