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Welcome to the Becoming the Alpha Muslim podcast. We provide no-bs advice on self-improvement, masculinity, and men's issues for Muslim men. Check out for articles and additional resources.

Aug 26, 2017


  • One, why Twitter is hands-down THE best platform for growing a loyal, engaged audience
  • Two, how often you need to tweet to see results and can you automate them?
  • Three, why growing an audience is like raising an army
  • Four, the 6 crucial lessons for Twitter success you absolutely CANNOT do without
  • Five, why getting verified might actually be a bad thing
  • Six, why having an overall theme is essential for consistent growth
  • Seven, how to select who you follow and how to get good at crafting tweets
  • Eight, the two biggest mistakes people make on Twitter
  • Nine, how to deal with TROLLS


My guest today is professional heavy-weight boxer, personal-development blogger, and self-published author Ed Latimore.

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