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Jan 20, 2018

It's a little after one year since Donald J Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States of America.

In this episode, I'm joined by a surprise guest (hint: he's visiting from Chicago) as we talk about Trump's first year as president, the #metoo movement, Hollywood, and accountability. 

Show Notes

  • I reveal our surprise guest [01:19]
  • The luxuries of living in a Muslim country only a Muslim can truly appreciated [02:00]
  • The one unique trait of Dubai making it the #1 destination for Muslims in the West who want to migrate to a Muslim country [04:00]
  • Reclaiming the Alt-Bro…from pejorative to positive [05:30]
  • The fundamental error Muslim men make when defining masculinity that makes them deficient in their manhood [09:18]
  • Who decides the worth and quality of a man? [11:48]
  • The two core attributes of men that, when devalued, lead to a complete breakdown in society [14:00]
  • Trumpian communication in context…what the hell is he saying? [15:50]
  • So, how did Trump’s first year go? What did he achieve? Where did he fail? How are people reacting to it? [17:00]
  • When you frame Trump’s policy-making this way it all makes sense (and the two books where he tells you, “this is what I’m doing”) [24:25]
  • The true meaning of the #metoo movement almost no one will admit [28:10]
  • How many da’ees and shuyukh are #metoo victims? [31:30]
  • The double standard and faulty logic of women’s “empowerment” [32:40]
  • The one natural trait women should embrace to get the best out of the men in their lives [35:18]
  • A perfect, very recent example of double standards in action - Asmi Fathelbab and Linda Sarsour [36:25]
  • A disturbing trend in the behavior of some American da’ees and shuyukh, even though they have trained extensively in our Sacred Tradition [45:20]
  • Muru’ah - propriety; the type of permissible behavior that is allowed for different ranks of men, and what kind of behavior violates muru’ah [49:00]
  • The one solution to the current situation of the Ummah that most Muslims will dismiss [52:10]
  • Our guest gives out some final parting advice [55:20]