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Oct 30, 2016


My guest today is Demond Handy AKA Uncle Hotep.

Demond is a podcaster and youtuber who offers commentary on current affairs relevant to the African American community.
He is one of the most prominent figures in a growing community known as Hotep, which ideologically opposes BLM in its attempt to solve the problems faced by the black community.

A naturally funny guy, his unique mix of comedy and insightful cultural critique makes for very entertaining listening.

He will be appearing in Silenced: Our War on Free Speech, a feature documentary produced by Danger and Play Media, which will be released later this year.
You can follow Demond on Twitter, and subscribe to his podcast and youtube channel.
Time-stamped Show Notes
03:35 - What is Hotep? A continuation of the “conscious” community within Black America.
04:50 - Hotep means “peace” but it was used as a derogatory term by Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists towards black people who pushed back against BLM’s victimhood narrative.
06:20 - How does Hotep relate to the socially conscious movements of the past like Afrocentrism, the Nation of Islam, the Five Percenters?
07:55 - Hotep is for self-accountability and self-reliance. I quote the Quran in response. "Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change that which is within themselves."
09:10 - Demond believes a lot of the problems in the black community, like black-on-black crime, can be alleviated by improving it from within. He quotes a Denzel Washington character from one of my favorite movies, Training Day: "It takes a wolf to catch a wolf."
11:50 - I ask Demond to explain what the deal is with BLM. We have a movement that, on the face of it, seems to be a popular protest against police brutality and extrajudicial killings, but a visit to their website throws up MANY red flags.
17:50 - Why does Deray Mckesson (a BLM leader) live in a mansion?
19:30 - What’s the connection between Feminism and BLM? Why do they vilify the straight, black male while claiming to advocate on his behalf?
22:50 - Why aren’t Muslims thinking critically about BLM when many Black voices speak out against it? Like Dr. Boyce Watkins and Killer Mike.
25:30 - You can check out the Hotep Nation website and see for yourself what Hotep stands for. Compare it to what BLM stands for.
26:15 - I ask Demond to explain the extremes of angry black Feminists on the one hand and twerking, slutwalk-types on the other. Where are the modest black women?
29:15 - Demond can’t understand why Muslims would ever associate with BLM, given the movement’s association with Feminism and LGBTQ. He talks about his time in the U.S. Air Force when he was stationed in Riyadh, K.S.A. "I was amazed...when I was in Saudi Arabia, the thing I’ll always remember...when prayer time hit, they closed everything. I was amazing to America, on Sundays, they won’t even go to Church…[you] actually practice what you believe in."
31:00 - When did the Black community, who are generally socially conservative, switch to voting Democrat, and why?
34:42 - The American Muslim community’s similar trajectory post-9/11.
36:30 - Demond talk about the effect that the mainstream media has on fanning the flames of civil discord.
38:30 - The American Muslim community is acting in the interest of self-preservation rather than for the collective benefit of the global Muslim community.
39:20 - Trump vs. Hillary. Where does Hotep stand?
42:00 - Ed Latimore is down with Hotep.
43:00 - The effect of illegal immigration on employment in the Black community.
44:30 - Why are there no Hotep voices in black mainstream media? Why do they need people like me or Mike Cernovich to give them airtime?
47:30 - Is this Hotep or BLM? [CB4's "and I'm black, y'all" clip.]
48:00 - Who can lay claim to the legacy of Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali? If they were alive today, would they be down with Hotep or BLM?
51:02 - Who are some of the non-Hotep Hoteps, i.e. Hotep in their thinking but don’t necessarily identify as Hotep?
51:20 - Shoutout to Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Tariq Nasheed, Dr. Umar Johnson, RZA from Wu Tang, Dr. Boyce Watkins, ZaZa Ali, Sonnie Johnson.
53:55 - I ask Demond to explain the motivation behind his podcast and Youtube channel.
1:00:00 - What’s Demond’s take on the election as it stands right now?
1:02:50 - We have a laugh about Bill Clinton being the first black president.
1:03:45 - What’s the deal with Shaun King? Why is he still around after being exposed as a fraud?
1:06:05 - What role to black public figures like Jesse Lee Peterson and Sherrif James Clarke play in the discussions taking place in the black community?
1:07:45 - Uncle Toms, House Negros, and House Muslims - do they exist? Who are they?
1:11:40 - Demond’s plea to the American Muslim community: "Muslim community, please stay away from the liberals. I’m just giving y’all a warning. It’s trickery, don’t fall for it."

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