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Welcome to the Becoming the Alpha Muslim podcast. We provide no-bs advice on self-improvement, masculinity, and men's issues for Muslim men. Check out for articles and additional resources.

Sep 2, 2016

This past Ramadan I was a guest on Dukkan Show, a lifestyle podcast based out of Dubai.

We ended up doing a series of four episodes together.

My first sit-down was with two the co-founders, Irshad and Feras. We talked about a prepping for Ramadan and a bunch of other things.

Some of the discussion didn't make it into the final cut.

It was quality material nonetheless, so I asked them to put it together for me.

That's what you'll be hearing in this episode.

We talk about my work as a copywriter, meeting interesting people on Twitter, why and how regular Muslims follow Islamic scholars, the nature of God's essence and attributes, and finally, the purpose behind Becoming the Alpha Muslim.

Enjoy, and please leave me a rating and review on iTunes and Stitcher.